Moab 2011: Day 3

Finally a full days worth of riding, no broken bikes! Well, at least that's how it started... We went to 7 Mile Rim in the morning, getting a good ~18 miles in with a lot of fun riding. This is me to the left, on the Husqvarna, and Randy to the right on his Yamaha:

P1000291 P1000284

Randy's dad, Ted, of course had to be a showoff, and did a nice wipeout:


We moved on to Wipeout Hill, which Randy of course decided to run. This thing is really steep, and he almost had it... But not quite.

P1000311 P1000313

After lunch break, we spent the afternoon doing Porcupine Rim, Porcupine Trail, and parts of Fins and Things again. We rode for about 22 miles, and a good time was had by everyone. The bikes still works well, mostly, we're off to the Yamaha store tomorrow morning, to buy a new bark buster for Randy... Here are a few movies from the day as well:


Moab 2011: Day 2

With Randy's bike being basically in pieces, and not having the right tools to get it fixed, we decided to drop it off at the local Yamaha dealer here in Moab. They were great, took in the bike immediately, and promised to have it done today. After that, and the mandatory Egg McMuffin, we went and rode Fins and Things and Porcupine Trail. I of course forgot the battery for the Lumix camera that I brought, so no good pictures of the great views, but here's one shot taken with the video camera:


We rode around for a couple of hours, and got a solid ~21 miles on the bikes again. In the afternoon, Ted (Randy's dad) arrived, and we all hung out waiting for Randy's bike to be fixed. We picked it up around 5.30pm, and went out for another 7 miles of "test riding" it, and viola, we have three bikes again! I've uploaded a few more movies to my Contour account, here are a few links again:

Looking forward to a good, long day of riding tomorrow, with no broken bikes (or bones).


Moab 2011: Day 1

This is obviously not the usual techno babble on this blog: This week I'm in Moab (Utah) with my buddy Randy riding our dirt bikes.


Unfortunately we've started off the week with a pretty rough start. Randy's bike is running like crap, and he ended up having to ride his dad's bike today. Even so, we got a nice ~22 miles on the bikes at and near Gemini Bridges. This is a beautiful place, and the "bridge" is pretty darn cool.

P1000202 P1000194

I've uploaded a couple of the videos: and .

I'm uploading a few pictures to Flickr as well, which I'll make available here soon. Tomorrow we'll hopefully head up to Porcupine rim in the morning, and perhaps Fins and Things in the afternoon. Another update tomorrow as well, stay tuned.


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