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Adobe Photoshop CS5 vs The Gimp

I've only used CS5 for a few hours, but I have to say, this beats The Gimp hands down in every way... The content aware fill is by far the coolest thing I've seen in a long time, and the ease of making a lot of my "common" tasks (for example Unsharpen mask on luminosity only) is awesome. Don't get me wrong, The Gimp is great, particularly with the Scheme scriptability, but there's no question Photoshop / CS5 is vastly superior. I'm still running the trial version on my Windows7 VirtualBox installation, and so far, it rocks.

Update: Yes, there is a similar plugin for the Gimp...


Synergy is dead? Long live Synergy+!

I used to use Synergy on my Linux desktop and Mac laptop, to allow me to share the same keyboard and mouse between the two. After upgrading to a 64-bit Linux distro (FC12 btw), Synergy would no longer compile. Instead of trying to fix this, I went searching, and found Synergy+ instead. It works great on my boxes, and is even backwards compatible with Synergy. But best of all, it's actively maintained and supported, give it a try.

Now that I found it, I realized that it's even available in the Fedora Core distribution (yum install synergy-plus)


Haiku on VirtualBox and networking

I was playing around with Haiku (BeOS revival) under VirtualBox, and was trying to get networking going. To make a short story long, the "trick" is to pick a device to emulate other than the default in the VirtualBox setting. For me, the Intel Pro/1000T server works great, in the "bridged" mode at least. Cool!


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