Taking snapshots

I have a fairly large amount of data (source code, DB dumps, docs etc.) that I keep on either my workstations or a file servers. I use software RAID on both systems, either mirroring (RAID1) or stripes+parity (RAID5), and that obviously saves me from fatal disk errors. But this doesn't prevent me from losing data when I'm a total moron, or some application goes bad.


sendmail, SASL, TLS and SSL

! Project goal
When I started this project, my primary goal was to allow for authenticated SMTP over a secure channel. I use [http://www.sendmail.org/|sendmail] as my MTA, not because I'm particularly fond of it, but because it's what I know, and it works well for me. My setup is pretty straight forward:
* ))RedHat(( linux (mix of 8.0 and 9.0)
* sendmail 8.12.10
* Latest OpenSSL and SASL libraries (I gave up on using RHs outdated builds)



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