Thunderbird and Calendar

I'm a long time Thunderbird user, and it does almost everything that I'd expect from a Mail client. When I got my iPhone, I switched to use [ Google calendar], because of it's nice interface to export and access calendars (using XML or iCal). [ Lightning 0.7], the Thunderbird Calendar plugin, is now out, so I decided to give it a spin again. Oh man, the new GUI has improved a '''lot''', props to the designers here. On top of that, the [ Google Provider] for Thunderbird also shipped a new update, 0.3, and it works great with the new Lightining version.

Using these new version, I now have a true two way synchronization with my main calendar (Google). I can see upcoming events easily, I get alerts from Thunderbirds of upcoming events. And best of all, when I get one of those pesky Outlook invitations, Thunderbird now shows it nicely formatted (readable), and I can instantly accept or decline the meeting invitation. Since this updates my Google calendar in real-time, my iPhone also gets the calendar events, using the nice iCalendar / iPhone synchronization modules on my Mac.

All in all, I'm very pleased with this setup, take a look at it if you need a professional Calendar solution, and don't want to switch to Outlook and Exchange.


New Ogre web site

We're working on migrating our site to a Drupal system. I finally caved in, and decided the code base in Drupal was just so much better (hacker friendly) than my old system. Not saying anything bad about it, but it's nice to finally work on a code base that makes sense. I'm still working on migrating all the old content into Drupal, and also working on creating a new Ogre theme (in my copious spare time).



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