Save the Sharks

I've been painfully aware of the threat to our oceans for a while now, but I know how badly we're killing off our diminishing shark population. 100 million sharks are killed each year, primarily for shark finning only. This has a devastating effect on the entire ecosystem in the ocean, on the scale of global warming, or worse! Not to mention the insane cruelty and wasteful hunting of these mostly harmless animals. I'd swim with a school of sharks any day (in fact, I have), but I would never consider walking with a pack of lions, or go near a grizzly.

I just finished watching the documentary Sharkwater, and if you haven't seen it yet, please watch it. It's sad, scary, and quite eye opening. We're destroying the oceans, and it's happening fast. More information about the film, and the danger to the shark populations and the oceans at []. Please help, write about it in your blogs, tell your friends, get active! I've started a new "section" on my site, to start collecting information and links about this issue. See .


I just moved and all my other sites to a new ISP, . So far so good, excellent system, nice bandwidth, all at a very reasonable price. Oh, and their setup time was really fast. The IP they gave me was mostly "clean", although the netblock they have is blocked by Yahoo, which fortunately isn't a problem for me, and I managed to quickly get my IP unblocked.

All in all, I'm very happy so far.


Retro hack:

Way back when, I grew up on a PDP-11 running BSD-2.9, using VT100 terminals. This was such a joy to use compared to the DEC-20's running TOPS-20. On this system, there was this little tool called "box", that to my astonishment, would draw a very nice looking box around arbitrary text. I obviously put this into my .login file, pipe'ing fortune through it. I could never find this tool on any "modern" Unix (Linux) systems, so I decided last night to write one in perl. Attached below is the end result, Enjoy!


DSL latency under load

We recently got DSL to use as a backup to our cable modem, since both of us work out of our home, being without network even for a short time is unacceptable. Being used to cable modem for quite a while now (we get a very good deal from US Cable, with high upload and download speed), I have to wonder why anyone would pick DSL. I did some fairly large downloads on the DSL, and noticed ping latency skyrocketing for other traffic. making things like interactive logins etc. pretty much useless. Round trip times went from around 80ms to well over 1,000, with a "load" on the DSL at about 500KB/sec. I've never seen anything like this on any of my cable modems....

See the attached graphs for the inconvenient DSL truth.



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