Python performance through times

I recently compiled all Python version from v2.2 to 3.0b, to see how their performance compares. I decided to not use pybench, but to take some of the benchmarks from the [|Computer Language Benchmarks Game] instead (hoping they are slightly more "real use" realistic). I compiled all versions of Python identically, using the same compiler (4.3.0) and the same optimization options ("-O3 -march=core2 -mtune=core2").


Firefox performance vs compiler options

I've compiled the latest Firefox source (nightly) with various gcc compiler optimization options, compared to the "default" moz build options on my platform. This is not a comprehensive test, but merely gives some ideas of where the "best bang for the buck" is. I ran the Sunspider benchmarks three times for each build instance. My box is a single CPU core2 system with 4GB RAM. The compiler options used were as follow:



I like to read various web articles on my laptop while I'm traveling, and often there's no network available (like, in the air..). I found this little service that someone in the UK setup, which lets you convert any HTML page to PDF. The URL is, and I can highly recommend it, it's an easy to use tool to make sure you have enough reading material available even when you are offline.

And I know, there are other ways of doing this conversion, but the service above is so far the easiest to use that I've found. There are also web service APIs available, which are not free, so I haven't had a chance to try them.


Save the Sharks

I've been painfully aware of the threat to our oceans for a while now, but I know how badly we're killing off our diminishing shark population. 100 million sharks are killed each year, primarily for shark finning only. This has a devastating effect on the entire ecosystem in the ocean, on the scale of global warming, or worse! Not to mention the insane cruelty and wasteful hunting of these mostly harmless animals. I'd swim with a school of sharks any day (in fact, I have), but I would never consider walking with a pack of lions, or go near a grizzly.

I just finished watching the documentary Sharkwater, and if you haven't seen it yet, please watch it. It's sad, scary, and quite eye opening. We're destroying the oceans, and it's happening fast. More information about the film, and the danger to the shark populations and the oceans at []. Please help, write about it in your blogs, tell your friends, get active! I've started a new "section" on my site, to start collecting information and links about this issue. See .


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