Dr. Dobbs R.I.P.

This is obviously old news, but Dr. Dobbs the publication ceased to exist a while ago. They made a big announcement how integrating with Information Week will make Dr. Dobbs content stronger, bigger and better. Well, I got my first look at what Dr Dobbs now has become, when I recieved my first copy of Information Week. Sadly, there's no question about it, Dr. Dobbs is no more. I for sure would not waste my money on Information Week, to get the few pages of the worst possible Dr. Dobbs articles. All the good stuff, specially the things that Dr. Dobbs integrated from C/C++ journal, is completely gone. All that is left is the management/CIO babble that used to be a small portion of the good old Dr. Dobbs.

I'm sad. And needless to say, there's no reason to waste my money buying (or subscribing) to Information Week...


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