Anti-Spam and email tools

This is a short list of tools I use to manage my mail servers (and mailboxes). The main building blocks for my system are
* [|sendmail] for the MTA, with support for [|Milters]
* [|Cyrus IMAP] server for IMAP over SSL
* Server side mail filters using [|Sieve]
* Webmail access using [|SquirrelMail]
!!! sendmail
I'm running sendmail v8.13.1 currently, supporting a number of domains and users. sendmail uses the Cyrus mailer for delivery, which in turns talks to an [|LMTP] server. This injects the new messages directly into the IMAP folders. As an extra benefit, I also get the __+__ style addressing support automatically, meaning I can sort into sub-folders by the envelope address. For instance, if you send an email to


it is automatically sorted into my IMAP folder named __other.spam__.
!!! Cyrus IMAP
Cyrus has been my choise of IMAP server for quite a while, way back when there was really no comparison in features and performance. Netscape Mail server was very promising, but unfortunately died during the AOL and Sun massacres. Cyrus supports SASL of course, but also a somewhat unknown sub-system called [|Sieve]. This is a 100% server side mail filtering language, and it's quite powerful, much more so than I can document here. But, here's an example filter file:

require "fileinto";

if header :is "X-Spam-Flag" ["YES"] {
fileinto "INBOX.zSpam";
} elsif address :is :all ["from", "to", "cc", "bcc"] ["", ""] {
fileinto "INBOX.filtered.giants";
} elsif address :is :all ["to", "cc", "bcc"] [""] {
fileinto "INBOX.filtered.dist";
} elsif header :contains "List-Id" "some_mail_list" {
fileinto "";

!!! Spam tools
I use a few sendmail milters to help get rid some of the worst spam:
* [|MIMEDefang]
* Snert's [|milter-spamc]

I'm fully aware that MIMEdefang supports [|SpamAsassasin], but I prefer to run these two systems independently. In fact, I wish MIMEdefang would make it easier to disable the user of SA! For SpamAssassin I use pretty much every bell and whistle there is, including:
* Pyzor
* Razor

!!! Anti-virus
Although MIMEDefang does some AV already, it also supports "pluggable" virus detectors. I currently use
* [|ClamAV]