My desktop

Recently, I decided to simplify my office setup: Software, hardware, email folders, everything! As such, i decided to only keep my two MacBook's in the office, and move everything to the basement (for now). I also replaced the three 24" monitors with one 30" monster Dell. This is what the new setup looks like:


So what's here? The laptop to the right is a MacBook Pro, with 8GB and (soon) a 240GB SSD drive. This connects to the Dell 30" using a mini-DisplayPort to DisplayPort, running at 2560x1600 resolution. The laptop screen resolution is 1440x900. Next to this laptop is also my Chumby! This replaces all my old Linux desktop use, long term, I'm planning to build a combined file server and Virtual Machine server to have just one high power box running 24x7. I'm not there quite yet, but next hardware upgrade will be a monster box with lots of disk and lots of RAM and CPU.

The laptop to the left is a MacBook Air with 4GB RAM (sigh, Apple, why, why?) and 256GB SSD. This is my primary Go Daddy work laptop (thanks to my manager, who somehow managed to pull that through IT). This is also my main travel laptop at this point, it has everything I need, and it's lightweight, and fast!

The keyboard is a Gouldtouch "split keyboard", for Mac. Love it!