Moab 2011: Day 2

With Randy's bike being basically in pieces, and not having the right tools to get it fixed, we decided to drop it off at the local Yamaha dealer here in Moab. They were great, took in the bike immediately, and promised to have it done today. After that, and the mandatory Egg McMuffin, we went and rode Fins and Things and Porcupine Trail. I of course forgot the battery for the Lumix camera that I brought, so no good pictures of the great views, but here's one shot taken with the video camera:


We rode around for a couple of hours, and got a solid ~21 miles on the bikes again. In the afternoon, Ted (Randy's dad) arrived, and we all hung out waiting for Randy's bike to be fixed. We picked it up around 5.30pm, and went out for another 7 miles of "test riding" it, and viola, we have three bikes again! I've uploaded a few more movies to my Contour account, here are a few links again:

Looking forward to a good, long day of riding tomorrow, with no broken bikes (or bones).