Fedora Core 15 and NIC devices ...

I've been upgrading our internal file server at home, and I've done that by rebuilding it in a separate box, and later moving the new drives over to the real server machine. This is all great. However, when I decided to do the final migration, I edited the IP on the "development" box to be the real server IP, but doing so instantly changes the IP on the machine. And therefore, I took out the old (in-use) server ... This seems like an incredibly bad idea, particularly for a server, but for any networking in general.

These changes should clearly not take effect until I either reboot, or restart the network services. What were they thinking?? Also, while I'm griping, why are there two sets of Firewall 'startup' and configs in Fedora Core 15? It's not enough to simply turn off the iptables service any more, you also have run system-config-firewall and turn it off from there (or manually edit its config file I guess).

I tip for the Fedora Core developers: FC (and RHEL) has always been about the server, please continue to make that the priority. All this focus on the desktop will only make you lose market share, Ubuntu alread does a good job there. At a minimum, if I cared about things such as Gnome 3, and automatic "firewalls" and what not, make it a special Fedora spin.