Dell Mini-9 netbook

This is my latest toy, and I figured I need a place to collect useful tips and links. I really like this thing, although, my unit might have a heat issue. I'll know more as I progress, but definitely keep an eye on your Dell mini-9. If the performance benchmarks aren't consistent, you should probably get it replaced.

Useful links

  • The MyDellMini sites have lots of useful information about the hardware, OSes etc. 
  • To test the performance, I installed and ran GeekBench. This little gem runs on Linux, Windows and MacOS X!
  • Official Dell site for the mini.


Ubuntu configuration changes

First off, and to my surprise, the SSD disk is mounted with default mount options. This, I believe, implies updating access timestamp. To avoid this, I changed the /etc/fstab entry, to include a -noatime option for the relevant disk partitions / mount points.

Secondly, it's my belief that SSD drives fare better with the NoOp scheduler. I added the following to my startup script:

echo noop > /sys/block/sda/queue/scheduler 

Finally, I've had to force some WiFi setting, in order for SSH (OpenSSH server and client) to work properly. I added the following to /etc/network/if-pre-up.d/wireless-tools

/sbin/iwpriv eth1 set_vlanmode 0


SSD cards

I (unfortunately) got the Super Talent 32GB SSD card, and although it works just fine, I wish I hadn't bought this. Instead, spend the extra $40 and get a RunCore 32GB card instead.