Must-have Drupal modules

This collection of pages is my own personal experience with various 3rd party Drupal modules. I'm not really saying you must have these modules, but I personally find them incredibly useful. I'm not ranking these modules in any particular order, instead I'm trying to organize them by functionality. If you have suggestions for modules that I ought to include here, please let me know, and I'll be happy to add them (after I try 'em of course).

Content related modules

The modules in this section either create new content types, or let you manipulate or create content types.


The CCK module is probably the most important module here, it's a very flexible system that lets you create new content types, or add new custom fields to existing content types. This really is a must have, I actually don't understand why it's not part of core Drupal. There's a number of extra "plugins" for CCK, here are a few that I always add


The Date module is a combination of a complete Date related API, and various extensions for content types, and it integrates nicely with CCK for example.

Images and image manipulation

There's a large number of modules related to images, how to manage and display them, as well as manipulate them. Here's a small collection of must-have's.