July 2010 Apache Traffic Server benchmark

I reran my benchmarks with the latest "trunk" of Apache Traffic Server, to make sure we're not regressing. I also tweaked the number of worker threads a little, a gut feeling tells me that with Hyper Threading, our auto-scaling algorithm isn't optimal (and, it really isn't). Here are the latest numbers, running over a GigE network (two Linksys el-cheapo switches between clients and server)

3,160,237 fetches on 3,666 conns, 1,800 max parallell, 1.58012e+09 bytes in 30 seconds
500 mean bytes/fetch
105,341.10 fetches/sec, 5.26704e+07 bytes/sec
msecs/connect: 1.46781 mean, 6.674 max, 0.093666 min
msecs/first-response: 16.3333 mean, 615.34033 max, 0.121333 min


That is, 105k QPS (with keep-alive) for small objects, over the network. It's pushing 52MB of payload at this speed, but remember the average size is very small (500 bytes). My box is an Intel i7 920, Quad core.



ATS installation issue

HI Leif,

I'm having problem setting up ATS server on Centos 5.4. I got stuck during configure where I got this error :

checking for sqlite3_open_v2 in -lsqlite3... no
configure: error: in `/installer/trafficserver-2.0.1':
configure: error: check for sqlite3 failed. Have you installed sqlite3-devel?

I'm not able to install sqlite3-devel using yum also as its giving error "No package sqlite3-devel available."

kindly need your assistance on how to solve this issue. Please advise. Thank you.


RE: ATS installation issue

First, you'll have to check with your distro as to how / what they provide for packaging. That much said, you should really get the latest v2.1.6 release (it's available on the download site), it no longer requires sqlite3.

Also, it'd be much better to go directly to the ATS mailing lists. For more information, visit http://trafficserver.apache.org/

Hi Leif, Thank you very much

Hi Leif,

Thank you very much for your reply. But is it ok to use v2.1.6 release as it shows still unstable ?


Re: ATS v2.1.6

Yes, 2.1.6 is safe to use. V2.1.7 will be released in ~1 week, which fixes some potential performance issues with the cache, so you should definitely upgrade to v2.1.7 (and keep upgrading until we release v3.0).

Hi Leif, Thank you very much

Hi Leif,

Thank you very much for your advice. Really appreciate it..Can I ask for little more advice? Where should I install the traffic server on this environment :

1x - Apache Webserver - port 80 - mod_jk

2x - JBOSS server - port 8080 - clustered

2x - MySQL DB - port 3306 - master/slave replication


Re: where is ATS

You'd typically put ATS in front of Apache Web Server, but in your case, it's possible it can replace the Apache HTTPD.

Replacing HTTPD with ATS

Hi Leif,

Thank you so much for all your advise. Really appreciate your help. As I'm a newbie to ATS, can you please email and advice me on all the config file that I need to change for replacing the HTTPD with ATS? It will be very useful for me if you could give me the best configuration that increase the performance for my situation. Here is my email - ashokumar83@gmail.com. Thank you very much again for all your advice. I'm learning a new thing from you.


Re: Replacing HTTPD with ATS

This is definitely best discussed on our users@ mailing list. For more details, go to http://trafficserver.apache.org/ .