Fedora Core 12 and focus follow mouse

For some unknown reasons (I'm guessing someone trying to be overzealous about what the Fedora users should do), FC12 no longer includes the control panel to modify the "Window" behavior. This includes the must-have feature of "Select windows when the mouse moves over them". But wait, no need to switch to Ubuntu quite yet, there's a simple fix to restore this control panel:

$ sudo yum install control-center-extra




Hey thanks for posting

Hey thanks for posting this.
I was trying to find out how to set mouse focus and I knew I remembered seeing it somewhere before in Gnome but couldn't find it in F12.

Thank you!

Well, this is a rather old post now, but I must also thank you for posting this. I love the "focus following mouse" feature, and couldn't figure out how to enable it in the latest fedora (fedora 13 now). This solution still works! Thank you very much.

thank you !!!

Wow. I was very frustrated not being able to have the focus on my mouse.
You just made my day.